September 20, 2012 LETTER — LIRS Welcomes Introduction of the Attracting the Best and Brightest Act

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Press contact: Jon Pattee, LIRS Assistant Director for Media Relations

September 20, 2012


Dear Member of Congress:

On behalf of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), the national organization founded by the Lutheran churches in the United States to serve uprooted people, I urge you to support H.R. 6412, the Attracting the Best and the Brightest Act of 2012. The bill would streamline the legal channels available for immigrants to come to the United States to work and reunite with close family members.

Since the time of World War II, Lutherans in the United States have opened their homes, churches and communities to assist tens of thousands of migrants and their families. Lutherans continue this ministry and every day bear witness to how our society and economy are strengthened and renewed by the contributions of migrant families.

The United States prides itself on being a nation that supports family values, yet the legal immigration system forces families to wait too long to be together. Among other provisions, the Attracting the Best and the Brightest Act affirms the importance of family unity by ensuring families with children who become adults during the course of seeking a visa are not subject to processing delays. The bill would also prevent delays for individuals whose family relationship or marital status changes while waiting for approval of their visa petition.

Please contact Nora Skelly, LIRS Acting Director for Advocacy, at (202) 626-7934 or via email at with any additional questions.

Yours in faith,
Linda Hartke

President and CEO
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

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