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2013: The Year of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

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Emblem-question.svgCould this be the year?

As we give thanks for 2012’s successes and look to the reality of the coming year, that question can only mean one thing. Will 2013 be the year of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR)?

There are positive signs. The Obama Administration is planning a huge push on the reform front, and broader cooperation between the parties seems possible.

To keep you posted on the latest developments, I’ll be bringing you a new feature at this blog. The “CIR Oddsmaker” will provide a weekly update on the progress or setbacks encountered by immigration champions in Congress. For that feature, we’ll be tapping both our in-house advocacy experts, who have years of Capitol Hill experience, and the knowledge of our friends and allies.

Stay tuned for details, and thank you again for standing with immigrants and refugees. Your dedication to justice made progress on CIR possible in 2012. Just like last year, I’ll use our Tuesday National Action Alerts and Thursday State Action Alerts to keep you in the loop about all the things you can do to keep our elected officials focused on this critical issue.

There will be no sweeping, positive change unless you raise your voice to tell our elected officials that they must make 2013 the Year of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.



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