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4 Practical Ways to Welcome Refugees

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Welcoming Week, help refugeesMaybe you’ve just learned that your congregation is going to sponsor a refugee family, or your new neighbors are immigrants from Central America, or you just want fresh ways to learn about other cultures and better connect with others. Whatever your situation, we’ve pulled together these resources and activities to help you promote a culture of welcome in your community.

1. Learn About Another Country and Culture

Asking migrants and refugees questions about their backgrounds can be a great way to show you care, but showing that you’ve put in time to learn on your own is especially meaningful.  The CIA World Factbook provides detailed information about most countries around the world. Have young kids? This resource has links about recipes, cultural etiquette, and holidays around the world.

2. Pick Up a New Language

Don’t worry – you don’t have to become fluent! Even learning basic phrases in someone’s native language can make her feel welcome.

Use a resource like DuoLingo from your desktop or download the mobile app. Learn a new language with these fun, engaging language courses that range from Spanish to Polish to Vietnamese.

3. Celebrate Refugee Sunday

Congregations, youth groups, and families can use our Refugee Sunday materials to learn more about refugees around the world and those that have come to live as our neighbors in the United States. You’ll find resources like sermon notes, bulletin inserts to print out, and this refugee facts quiz!

4. Be an Advocate

Visit our Action Center to advocate on behalf of migrants and refugees. Pick up your phone to call or send a message to raise your voice in support of welcoming policies and laws.

If you try one of these activities, share with us in the comments below or let us know on twitter or facebook! How are you promoting a culture of welcome in your community?

Cecilia Pessoa is Digital Communications Coordinator at LIRS.

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