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A Breakdown of Immigration Legislation: Equip Yourself and Take Action

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A Breakdown of Immigration Legislation:

Equip Yourself & Take Action

Only two weeks remain until the March 5 deadline, when the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) officially ends. Dreamers are already being deported, and every day we get closer to the March 5th deadline, more immigrant youth who worship in our churches, attend our schools, and work alongside us, are at risk of deportation.

Over the last few months, both the White House and Congress have sought to provide legislative solutions to address the plight of Dreamers. After careful analysis of the proposed legislation, LIRS has supported two bi-partisan bills, the Dream Act of 2017 (H.R. 3440/S. 1615) and the USA Act (H.R. 4796/S. 2367). But other proposals we have seen pose a great threat to LIRS’s core work – imposing stipulations that would prevent family reunification, deprive dreamers of a pathway to citizenship, and increase immigration detention, deportation, and enforcement at our border.

Most recently, the Senate devoted this past week to debating comprehensive immigration reform by way of an uncommon amendment process. Four immigration amendments were voted on, but none received the required 60 votes to pass.

Here is a breakdown of the votes and which ones LIRS supported.

  • Coons-McCain S. Amdt. 1955 – “USA Act” (the narrowest bill — the full Dream Act + non-wall border security, similar to the Hurd-Aguilar proposal in the House)
    • FAILED 52-47
    • Supported by LIRS
  • Toomey S. Amdt. 1948 – “Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act” (partisan attack on sanctuary cities)
    • FAILED 54-45
    • LIRS did not take a position
  • Rounds-King (Schumer) S. Amdt. 1958 – “Immigration Security and Opportunity Act” (the Common Sense coalition agreement, crafted by Sen. Collins)
    • FAILED 54-45
    • LIRS opposed
  • Grassley S. Amdt. 1959 – “Secure and Succeed Act” (White House framework)
    • FAILED 39-60
    • LIRS opposed

Equipped with this information, we encourage you to reach out to your representatives and weigh in on this important debate. Urge your representatives to support a sustainable solution for Dreamers – or take a moment to tweet your thanks to Senators who have introduced legislation that you support!

Take Action NOW.

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