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URGENT: Immigrant children and families affected by Hurricane Ian need your support! Donate now.

When immigrants are released from Customs and Border Protection custody, it is often with nothing but the ill-fitting government-issued clothes on their backs. In partnership with Border Servant Corps, the LIRS network welcomes them with dignity, offering a place to stay, a warm meal, and, with your help, a fresh change of clothes.

The new Fresh Change program offers an opportunity to welcome immigrants with a bag of new clothing. Using our toolkit, volunteers can pack as many bags as they’d like and send them to our neighbors at the border. You can even host a Fresh Change packing party! 

                                                                              *Toolkit will download automatically

How it Works

Follow our simple, five-step process to get started today.
  1. Download the Fresh Change Digital Toolkit, which includes additional instructions and free printables.
  2. Let LIRS know how many bags you plan to assemble.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email from LIRS with a mailing address.
  4. Fill your bags per the instructions in the toolkit.
  5. Send the bags to newly arrived immigrants!

PACKIng Instructions

No time to pack bags? No problem! 

You can purchase items online and send them straight to the people who need them.
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Your monthly gift will provide a Fresh Change welcome bag to a newcomer. 


Offer a warm welcome to refugee children and families today!