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A Special Mother’s Day Message from Krish

Published On: Donate
Krish O’mara Vignarajah
President & CEO of LIRS

As a new mother myself, I wanted to ask if you could take a moment to consider how much your support of LIRS means to mothers who are seeking asylum along our southern border.

These vulnerable mothers have escaped unimaginable horrors, and traveling perilous routes with young children, left everything behind to give their kids the chance for a better life.

Your generosity shows these brave and resilient moms that despite the trauma many of them experience upon arrival, America is still a place of hope, compassion and welcome.

Because of you, mothers with young children – who are released from detention with no money, no food, and no support – are warmly welcomed by a community of caring LIRS partners.

Your gifts enable these unsung heroes to give immigrant mothers and their families a safe place to sleep, food, clothes, emergency medical care, and other essentials to meet their immediate needs. In one small community along our southern border, your generosity has been helping as many as 200 people a night.

My parents fled a civil war and brought me here as a baby. I was 9 months old. As a mother and refugee, I know how important an outstretched hand of welcome is to a frightened family arriving after a long and dangerous journey.

So, on behalf of all the mothers and their families who are seeking asylum at our southern border, thank you for helping to prove who we really are as a nation. And who we will continue to be long after the humanitarian crisis at our southern border has passed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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