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A Surge of 80,000 Children: ‘We Need to Help Them Feel Safe,’ Guest Post from #ActOfLove Youth Ambassador, Amy Hoffman

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Amy Hoffman shows her #ActofLove
Amy Hoffman shows her #ActOfLove

I’m proud to share a guest post by Amy Hoffman, one of the leaders of our #ActOfLove campaign. The #ActOfLove campaign was started by young adults in support of the nearly 80,000 refugee children expected to cross the southern border of the United States alone this year. Escaping violence and poverty, they seek safety and opportunity. Some seek to reunite with their mothers and fathers in the United States, who they haven’t seen in years. To show your support for these children, join the #ActOfLove campaign and sign our petition.  

Amy writes:

Nearly 80,000 children are coming over the border alone. Many are fleeing from violence in their home countries in Central America and risking their lives to come into the United States. These children coming into our nation need a greater voice.

On May 27th, I was proud to represent Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service at The National Press Club to speak on the behalf of these thousands of children. At the press conference, we revealed our #ActOfLove campaign. My personal #ActOfLove is not to abandon these children but to alert our citizens and Congress that something needs to happen. I’d like to thank President Obama for ordering federal agencies to help these children, but more resources need to be given to these children who are risking their lives coming into our nation.

The press conference in D.C. was the first step to launching our campaign. That day, The Washington Examiner released an article highlighting the dangerous journey tens of thousands of children make. It has spread the news of this national crisis, and now, many other articles have followed.

With Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson labeling this crisis as a level four, the time to do something has to be now. We need to send more resources to the children who are fresh from an exhausting journey. We need to help these children feel safe again.

I am joining this campaign because our nation is currently neglecting these children. We are not helping these children who are running from violence and poverty enough. I hope I can use myself as a personal change agent for these kids.

Please join us as we continue our #ActOfLove campaign. We need to stand by these children and let them know that we, the American citizens, hear them. It is simply not enough to show our love, we need to act on it.

Amy Hoffman, 19, is a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland. Her major is health administration and public policy. As a Lutheran, she believes that, “we must fight for those without a voice and continuously show God’s love through our actions.”

Join the #ActOfLove movement and sign the petition. Follow-up by posting to your social media sites using a photo of yourself making a heart with your hands and be sure to include #ActOfLove.

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