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Act to Protect the Roadmap to Citizenship!

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Immigration Reform 2013 Alternatives to Detention jpegThe Senate is anticipated to continue debating S. 744, the chamber’s immigration reform bill, on Tuesday, June 18, and your voice can make a difference.

Our senators are  beginning to consider the first amendments to S. 744. Unfortunately, the first ones we’re seeing would hurt families seeking to reunite with loved ones.

Sen. Rubio (R-FL) has introduced Amendment 1225 to increase the English language requirements for people accessing the roadmap to citizenship. S. 744 already requires people using the roadmap to demonstrate that they are pursuing English and civics studies before receiving a green card, which is consistent with current law. Rubio’s Amendment 1225 would instead require people on the pathway to be proficient in English before receiving a green card, but it’s only after receiving a green card that migrants are allowed to petition for family members to join them. Rubio Amendment 1225 would therefore delay family reunification, and this is why we need your help.

Please call your senators and urge them to oppose “Rubio Amendment 1225.” Dial 1-866-940-2439 to be connected with your senators. Please share the same message with Senator Rubio directly by sending a message through the LIRS Action Center. He needs to know that this is an issue of concern to members of the faith community from all over the country.

While Rubio’s amendment would put stress on the family-based immigration system, I’m pleased to report good news about another amendment, one introduced by Sen. Grassley (R-IA). That one would have delayed the initial roadmap to citizenship. It was tabled, or agreed to not be voted on, at a count of 57-43. Grassley 1195 would have delayed access to the registration process for S. 744’s legalization program until the Department of Homeland Security had certified “effective control” of the southern border, adding to an already long list of conditions that must be in place before aspiring Americans can come out of the shadows.

We’re grateful that Grassley 1995 will not come in the way of fair and humane immigration reform. Be sure to subscribe to the LIRS blog and follow us on Facebook for the most current opportunities for action during the floor debate of S. 744.

And as always, thank you for everything you’re doing to speak up for immigrants and refugees. We won’t get fair and compassionate immigration reform without your actions!

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