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At Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) we stand with and advocate for migrants and refugees, transforming communities through ministries of service and justice. Our advocacy is rooted in our faith, inspired by those we serve, informed by our team of experts, and guided by our vision that all migrants and refugees should be protected, embraced, and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities.

We see the face of God and human dignity in all people. We seek a just, fair, and generous culture of welcome, and protection for all groups, especially vulnerable migrants, including Black and Brown populations, women and girls, and LGBTQ+ persons.

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LIRS 2023 Advocacy Priorities

Each year, LIRS sets forth Advocacy Priorities that serve as a roadmap for our work with the administration, legislative offices, faith partners, network affiliates, coalitions, and immigrant leaders.

In 2023, the LIRS advocacy team has ten priorities and recommendations on how to protect the most vulnerable and truly welcome the stranger with thoughtfulness and care.

We implore the Administration and the 118th Congress to revitalize the notion that the U.S. is a country of immigrants, reaffirm that immigrants, refugees, and those seeking asylum are welcome, and remind the world that the United States is a beacon of hope, prosperity, and justice.

To do this, LIRS will champion policy priorities that:
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