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The United States is at a critical moment. Never before has there been a greater need to help people seeking safety. Unspeakable violence and persecution are forcing families from around the world to flee their homes.

At LIRS, we believe America must welcome people in need of protection not only because it’s their right to seek asylum, but also because it’s the right thing to do. Seeking asylum and protection is a right under international law for people of all nationalities, skin tones, religions and political affiliations.

We invite you to learn more about asylum and immigration policy at our southern border and encourage you to take action to support those seeking protection.


In addition to other critical actions LIRS is calling on communities to join us in the work of welcome — providing the support, compassion, and community our friends need to rebuild their lives here in the United States. You can answer the call to help our neighbors seeking asylum by signing up to volunteer. 

We expect volunteer opportunities and needs to continue for months, even years. By adding your name to our list, you will be informed if/when volunteer opportunities are available near you. As the situation develops, we will keep volunteers informed of the most pressing needs, such as apartment set ups, transportation, and other critical services. We appreciate your patience as our staff on the ground trains and match volunteers.


At LIRS, we believe everyone—regardless of status—should be welcomed with dignity and open arms. LIRS Welcome Centers provide protection-centered and trauma-informed case management services to asylum seekers and those arriving through humanitarian parole. 


Two bills recently introduced in the House and the Senate can shut down the asylum system by effectively codifying Title 42 into U.S. law. It is everyone’s legal right to seek asylum – as a signatory to the 1967 United Nations Protocol, and through U.S. immigration law, the United States has legal obligations to provide protection to those who qualify.

Urge your legislators to uphold U.S. law and give everyone in danger the opportunity to seek safety!


A Prayer of Christian Faith

God of Life,
We come to you knowing that every human being is formed beautiful in your image. You call us to uphold the dignity of the people that you have created regardless of their circumstance in life or where they were born.
We affirm that all human beings, including our neighbors on the southern border, are each a gift to the world. We come to you today hearing the call to serve and show mercy.

Lord, it may seem easier to turn away from struggle of the families and the children on the Southern Border. However, we know as disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to turn towards our suffering siblings with outstretched hands to ease their pain.
God, we ask that those that seek to bring hope might offer hearts, minds, and hands to bring about your welcome and justice.


An Interfaith Prayer

In the spirit of compassion, let us pray.

Spirit of love, you are the source of all welcome and life. In truth and peace, we thank you for providing resilience to those who are suffering, presence for those experiencing loneliness, and comfort to those gripped by the fear that comes from fleeing into the unknown.

We recognize that we are one human family, and as we see our siblings struggle, we must stretch our hands out in service and solidarity to those who are most vulnerable, especially children, on the southern border.
You, who are closer to us than our own breathing, stir in us a new abiding transformation of heart that we might be bearers of mercy, healing, and the love of a family and community for all people.
Strengthen our resolve to stand together and witness with those who seek safety, family, and hope.


We invite you to learn more about asylum, Title 42, and those who seek protection at our southern border.

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