Become a Foster Parent

Imagine everything you know about migrants and refugees forced to flee from war, gang violence, persecution, abuse. The loss of home and loved ones. Fear and uncertainty. Survival often means a dangerous journey.

Now imagine that person fleeing for their lives is just a child.

At LIRS, we believe that the best way to make sure these children are both safe and equipped for a brighter tomorrow is to place them with a foster family. We have a network of heroic service partners across the country with specialized foster care programs, but more foster families are urgently needed.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, here’s how:

  1. Connect with an LIRS partner location that offers foster care services.
  2. Become a licensed foster parent.
    Each states timelines and requirements are different but typically include:

    • Attending an orientation session;
    • Completing an application;
    • Providing references and documentation of financial stability;
    • Fingerprinting and background check;
    • Interviews with the family;
    • Home study assessment.
  3. Get Trained. Foster parent training is typically 6-8 sessions plus specialized sessions on fostering immigrant and refugee youth.
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