Deportation Wills

As if preparing for a household death, families who have dug deep roots into American soil must organize their assets and prepare emergency plans in case of a deportation.

Mythbusting in Texas

On a sunny day near Dallas TX, about 60 people gathered in a church hall to talk about immigration from theological, economic, legal, and personal perspectives as part of a workshop called Who is My Neighbor? LIRS Director for Access to Justice Leslie Vélez, Esq., led the group in a discussion to debunk common myths associated with people in the US without authorization.

Susan’s Reflections On Her Flight Back

Susan is on her way back from her visit to Panama and Ecuador where she was looking at the conditions Colombian refugees are facing on a daily basis. Susan took advantage of a layover in Houston to send us these short text message reflections.

Updates from Ecuador

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with Colombian refugees that live in Quito. Today we visited Colombian refugees and Ecuadorian citizens in the country of San Lorenzo.

First Day of Meetings in Panama

The UNHCR office puts greater emphasis on the legal reforms needed to create access to protection and integration. I want to talk to the Colombians to hear their thoughts on the subject. It seems very difficult for someone with few resources. Where do they find hope?

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