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Congregational Resources

Living out the Biblical call to welcome the stranger

Congregations play an invaluable role in welcoming immigrants and refugees to their new communities, whether sponsoring a family, showing solidarity through advocacy, or accompanying new neighbors in other ways.

LIRS creates resources to support congregations in living out the Biblical call to welcome the stranger. We pray these resources will encourage, educate, and engage your congregation in the work of welcome.

Emmaus: Congregational Discernment

EMMAUS: Congregational Discernment is for congregations who are interested in learning more about the work of LIRS and find themselves asking, “How can we help?” Through the three modules of the Discernment Guide, faith communities will meet to pray, discuss, and discern how God is calling them to join in the work of welcome.

Ambassador Network

The LIRS Ambassador Network is a place where community leaders, students, advocates, volunteers, and people from all walks of life are equipped to use their unique gifts in the work of welcome. By engaging your community in learning about and acting on issues facing immigrants and refugees through the LIRS Ambassador Network, you can be a part of a national movement for more just and welcoming communities across the country. Join us!

Transformed Communities Bible Study

Explore what God has to say about radical welcome through our Transformed Community: Freed and Empowered for Radical Welcome Bible study. In six sessions, participants will explore their relationship with immigrants and refugees in relation to biblical stories of generosity, inclusion, compassion, justice, and forgiveness.

Gather — Congregational Toolkit

Learn more about a region or country where the refugees LIRS serves come from through the Gather program. With the Gather Toolkits, your faith community can engage with cultural and educational resources, discussion guides, worship resources, and stories of immigrant families from that region. Gather is open to learners of all ages!

Walking Through Lent Together

LIRS Pastor-in-Residence Rev. Eric Shafer hosts a series of interviews focusing on faith, immigration, and beyond.