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‘Border Surge’ Amendment Adopted; Final Vote on S. 744 Expected This Week

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Immigration Reform 2013   jpegLast night, senators voted 67-27 to include the Corker-Hoeven Amendment in S. 744. Known as the “border surge” amendment, the proposal pushes border security to an unprecedented level. LIRS voiced concerns about the impact this amendment will have on human and civil rights, and though the amendment was adopted, we’ll continue our advocacy for humane enforcement of our immigration laws.

The Corker-Hoeven Amendment is one of the last amendments to be considered before a final vote on the immigration reform bill takes place. Yesterday’s vote indicates the bill seemingly now has enough support to pass the Senate. Senators will vote on final passage of the bill on either Thursday or Friday.

While I’m disappointed at the inclusion of extreme and costly border security measures, the importance of S.744 moving forward can’t be understated. Among other things, the bill would provide millions of undocumented immigrants with a roadmap to citizenship and improve protections for migrants and refugees fleeing persecution.  It’s not perfect, but it will keep families together and offer welcome to millions.

Thank you for all of your calls, messages, and support—we couldn’t have made it this far without you! We will continue to need your enthusiasm and action in the weeks and months ahead to ensure fair and humane immigration reform is passed and enacted into law.

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