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Broadview Detention Center Vigil Gets Graphic

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We’ve been privileged to work with some of the most creative and tenacious leaders in the struggle for alternatives to detention. Among those are the participants in the Interfaith Vigil for Immigrant Justice at the Broadview Detention Center in Illinois.

An innovative journalism project using graphic novel-style illustrations just captured the vigil in ink in “Night Watch,” with a focus on two key leaders, Catholic Sisters Pat Murphy and JoAnn Persch.

The pair have been leading the vigil outside the Broadview Detention Center since January 2007. Standing with 20 or more interfaith protestors, they meet and pray for the immigrants inside the facility who are about to be deported.

It’s exciting to see this muckraking with a conscience by The Illustrated Press. We wish them luck with “Night Watch,” which is now in its final production stage (close to going to print) and their early September launch. We hope for more of this bold reporting on immigration detention. And, of course, we’re grateful to Sisters Murphy and Persch for their strong leadership on this issue. Glad they are in the spotlight!

Image credit: The Illustrated Press

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