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U.S. Business Leaders to Trump: Reconsider Refugees

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LIRS President and former board member demonstrate with signs reading "We are all America."
LIRS president and CEO Linda Hartke demonstrating in support of refugees with former LIRS board member Chris Grumm.

Just three weeks ago, the Trump Administration issued an Executive Order banning Syrian refugees and suspending the entire refugee program. In the days since, Americans of all walks of life have spoken out in support of migrants and refugees.

In response, 80 CEOs and business leaders have signed on to a letter urging the President to reconsider his policies and to raise the cap on refugees admitted to the United States.

In the letter they stated,

As business leaders committed to increasing national prosperity, we fully recognize the economic and security benefits of welcoming refugees and immigrants to the United States. In addition to these benefits, it is an affirmation of the core of the American Dream.

Read the full text of the February 14 letter to President Trump.

Join these leaders in standing up for American values of welcome, fairness, and opportunity. Take this opportunity to call and tweet at your Representatives, Senators, and President.

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