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Bust the Myths of Immigration Reform with this Spectacular New Infographic!

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Mythbuster 2 smallWe’ve all been there: A family member or friend argues against immigration reform because they’ve been misled by damaging myths they heard on TV.

You want to stick up for your immigrant friends and win another supporter for fair reform. But where can you find the facts to gently debunk the myths?

I’m excited to offer the answer. LIRS today releases the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Mythbuster, a unique infographic resource. It provides you with the truth about reform’s social and economic benefits, while debunking widely propagated misinformation. It gathers the most solid data available, and we’re grateful to our friends at the Center for American Progress and the American Immigration Council for helping to ensure its accuracy. The Mythbuster also cites the excellent research of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the National Immigration Law Center, the Migration Policy Institute, the Alliance for Citizenship, and the Immigration Policy Center.

Curious? Visit our Mythbusters page to view and download! You can preview the new Comprehensive Immigration Reform Mythbuster by clicking on the image at the top of the page, and download by clicking the link towards the bottom of the page.

Congress’s August recess is an absolutely pivotal time for immigration reform. Armed with this new Mythbuster and the LIRS August Recess Toolkit for Action, we all need to make our Members of Congress understand why immigration reform is critical for our nation’s families, communities, and economy. We can’t stand by and let misinformation and myths defeat the movement for immigration reform.

This Mythbuster is the latest in an LIRS series that smashes bogus “facts” about key topics such as human trafficking and refugee resettlement. You can download it in poster form and tack it up anywhere, from your office to your congregation, to make sure people get the truth about fair and compassionate reform.

Mythbuster 2 large

I invite you to  download this new tool for mobilizing and educating your friends, family, colleagues, and congregation members! And to truly spread the facts and crush the myths, please post the link to this post on your Facebook page, tweet it, and email it to everyone who’s not using social media. Thank you for all you’re doing for immigrants and refugees at this critical moment!

PS: Can’t get enough useful arguments for reform? Check out the American Immigration Council’s excellent talking points, “Tackling the Toughest Questions on Immigration Reform,” and the Center for American Progress’s fantastic infographic, “How Legalization and Citizenship Help the Economy.”

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