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California DREAMing

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On Saturday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the final provisions of California DREAM into law. California DREAM part II builds on the progress of California DREAM part I and allows undocumented youth to seek private loans and scholarships for their higher education. The new law provides access to state financial aid and fee waivers for students who pay in-state and applies to the state university system, community colleges, and potentially to the University of California system as well. The law becomes effective on January 1, 2013.

Every year 65,000 undocumented immigrant youth, who have grown up in the United States, graduate from U.S. high schools but are not able to pursue higher education, nor do they have a pathway to earned legal status. These students know the United States as their home, and want to become contributing members of society, just like their peers and neighbors. California DREAM is a great step in the right direction toward recognizing the contributions and commitments that these students have made, and will make within their communities.  LIRS commends the enactment of California DREAM, and applauds the many years of hard work by families, students, teachers, advocates and legislators.

Help students across the country seize this momentum by asking your members of Congress and President Obama to pass federal DREAM Act legislation and consider hosting a DREAM Sabbath event in your community. Contact for more information.

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