Immigration Reform: The Time is Now! — National Action Alert

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button_icon_national_alert2Since I updated you last week with a National Action Alert, a few things have happened to lead me to believe that this is our time to advocate for compassionate immigration reform: the harmful government shutdown has come to an end, 40 Days of Fasting for immigration reform have concluded, and President Obama has been very clear that his top priority is immigration reform.

Thanks to the support of advocates all over the country, the Senate passed bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform in June. Now that Congress has acted to reopen the government, ending the shutdown and its harmful effects on migrants and refugees, we are hopeful to soon see real immigration reform that aligns with LIRS’ principles:

  • a roadmap to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
  • just and humane enforcement of immigration laws,
  • support for family unity among refugee and migrants
  • protection for those fleeing persecution
  • safeguards for U.S. citizen and migrant workers

The main obstacle standing in the way of reform is the opportunity to vote for legislation that reflects these principles.  Members of the House of Representatives have introduced a bill similar to the Senate bill, S.744, that would benefit migrants and refugees. It has gained 182 co-sponsors to date. Now is the time for the House of Representatives to come together to fix our broken immigration system. Creating an immigration system that is fair and humane is a priority, as every day that passes without reform, migrants and refugees and their families, friends, congregations and communities suffer from an outdated system that is not consistent with our faith and American values.

Join us by taking action through LIRS’ Action Center and calling your representative to tell him or her that now is that time for immigration reform. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to advocate for compassion and justice alongside migrants and refugees!

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