CRITICAL Senate Vote Tonight! Corker-Hoeven "Border Surge" Amendment Looms Over S.744 Showdown | LIRS
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CRITICAL Senate Vote Tonight! Corker-Hoeven “Border Surge” Amendment Looms Over S.744 Showdown

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Immigration Reform 2013   jpegThe news from Washington, D.C. today is bittersweet.  The Senate is expected to pass S. 744, their comprehensive immigration reform bill, later this week.  This bill will unite families, welcome refugees and migrants fleeing persecution, and provide newcomers with a roadmap to citizenship.  

However, the extremely costly Corker-Hoeven “border surge”Amendment is scheduled for a vote at 5:30 pm ET tonight.

LIRS is gravely concerned that this amendment requires unprecedented increases in Border Patrol agents, surveillance technology, and fencing along the United States-Mexico border. The fiscal cost of this escalation is estimated to be more than $40 billion. LIRS is also deeply concerned with the human cost of this amendment.  Without meaningful oversight and accountability, such large increases in enforcement activity will likely lead to civil and human rights abuses of people in the border region.

LIRS remains committed to immigration reform that includes fair and humane enforcement of our immigration laws.  Unfortunately, the Corker-Hoeven Amendment conflicts with these principles.

Therefore, LIRS is supporting the text of S.744 as written without this amendment.  You can take action online at the LIRS Action Center  to join us in asking for immigration reform based on our principles: a roadmap to citizenship, family unity, protection for vulnerable migrants and refugees, fair and humane enforcement, and safeguards for migrant and U.S. citizen workers.

This is a critically important week! Be sure to check here  often for breaking updates and opportunities for action. We wouldn’t be this close to historic changes to our immigration system without your help.  Thank you.

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