'Despots, Detention, and an Immigration Epiphany' — Stacy Martin Writes at The Washington Post | LIRS
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‘Despots, Detention, and an Immigration Epiphany’ — Stacy Martin Writes at The Washington Post

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Merry Christmas! I wish that everyone, regardless of their faith, could spend this day in peace and safety, with loved ones.

The Washington Post’s On Faith section currently features a piece on the Epiphany by Stacy Martin, LIRS Vice President for External Relations and Development.  In “Despots, Detention, and an Immigration Epiphany,” she makes the following point:

In this day and age, the season of Epiphany coincides with new hopes and possibilities, not least to end the suffering of people in detention, many of them fleeing today’s despots. The promise of comprehensive immigration reform is on the horizon, and within it, the chance that their suffering will be relieved by alternatives to detention.

For all the families separated by detention center walls on Christmas Day, please remember these words. And please keep them with you as we enter the New Year, ready to press forward for alternatives to detention. 


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