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Detention Visitation

“I remained detained for 447 days. In the detention center someone used to say, ‘this is a white whale made of concrete…that tears apart our life’. It seems to me that detention robs a part of us.” -Rene (Former Detainee), Locked in a Box

A Broken System

Immigration detention is the process of detaining non-citizens (men, women and families with children) in prison or prison-like settings while their immigration case is processed. They can be detained for weeks, months or sometimes years in one of over 200 detention centers nationwide. Detention separates families and inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering.

A Faithful Solution

In collaboration with a national network of partners, LIRS is committed to providing hope, strength and a voice to those in immigration detention. LIRS empowers congregations, community groups, and individual volunteers to launch and grow detention visitation ministries through resource development, training opportunities, and the distribution of small grants. There are many ways for you to get involved!

Whether you are interested in writing holiday cards, hosting a film screening, or regularly visiting with detainees, we are thankful for your partnership in this important work!

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