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Immigration detention is the practice of detaining non-citizens (adults and families with children) in prison or prison-like settings while their immigration case is processed. They can be detained for weeks, months or sometimes years in one of over 200 detention centers nationwide. While US citizens are only detained if they are on trial for or have been convicted of a crime, immigrants are detained even if they are merely exercising the legally protected right to seek asylum.


A kind listener can help restore dignity and hope to a person enduring the long days of uncertainty and isolation in immigration detention. In collaboration with a national network of partners, LIRS is committed to providing hope, strength, and a voice to those in immigration detention. LIRS empowers congregations, community groups, and individual volunteers to launch and grow detention visitation programs through resource development, networking, and the distribution of small grants. 

There are many ways for you to get involved. However you choose to participate, we are thankful for your partnership in this important work!

We recognize that starting an immigration detention visitation ministry can be a daunting task, but LIRS is committed to walking alongside you each step of the way.

The LIRS Bring the Sky detention visitation guide will help you:

  • Consider the call
  • Understand the issues
  • Establish a detention visitation ministry
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