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DREAM Act – New Report Release and Update on Maryland Campaign

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By Folabi Olagbaju

Since I’m busy working to make sure Marylanders cast a “for” vote on Question 4 in the November 6 DREAM Act referendum, I’m excited that the Partnership for a New American Economy and the Center for American Progress are boosting our arguments with a new study full of hard data.

“The Economic Benefits of Passing the DREAM Act” explains how the national DREAM Act would create 1.4 million jobs and add $329 million to the national economy. The report lists all of the fiscal reasons why America needs to pass the DREAM Act in order to continue to grow financially.  As it notes, the DREAM Act would provide a pathway to legal status for approximately 2.1 million youth, adding a much needed dynamic and high-achieving population to our workforce.

LIRS fully supports the DREAM Act as a part of our mission to Stand for Welcome, and we’ve been working in coalition with CASA de Maryland and others to support the Maryland DREAM Act.  I’m helping to manage the grassroots aspect of the campaign and mobilize Maryland’s Lutheran community to cast a “for” vote. (The referendum question is posed as “for” or “against.”)  I’m grateful for the release of this report, which is both timely and critical in debunking some of the prevailing myths perpetrated by immigrant rights opponents, for example, that the DREAM Act will drain resources from states and put native-born youths at a disadvantage.

The report also reaffirms that by guaranteeing equal access to education for our young people, regardless of their immigration status, the DREAM Act will:

  • Create more jobs
  • Strengthen our economy
  • Make us more competitive in the global economy
  • Ensure that these young people become more productive community members

The November 6 election is an opportunity for Maryland voters to invest in promising young people by voting “for” on Question 4 to pass the Maryland DREAM Act!   Join us as we make history by standing for the rights of newcomers in Maryland and across the country!

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