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DREAMers and Deferred Action Make Tulsa Headlines

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Rev. Leonard Busch, pastor of Tulsa’s Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, recently shared exciting news coverage of deferred action’s reverberations in Oklahoma.

As many as 20,000 young people in Oklahoma are eligible for deferred action, according to Ginnie Graham’s August 17 article “Youth Immigrants Begin Process” in the Tulsa World. Graham quotes a local organizer for DREAM Act Oklahoma as saying that 300 people turned out for their event on deferred action; they had expected 50.

Here’s some excellent footage of the event by ABC Channel 8 Tulsa: “‘Deferred Action’ Ignites Hope for Undocumented Workers.”

Rev. Busch, who is also Mission Executive (Oklahoma District, LCMS), serves members of the Burmese, Hmong, Latin American, and Liberian immigrant communities. His post here, “Welcoming a ‘Step in the Right Direction’ on the DREAM Act,” sets forth some of the reasons for community excitement about deferred action. You can hear more on these issues by watching this edition of Studio 21, in which host Loren Farr talks with Rev. Busch about the changing demographics of Tulsa and the nation.

You can catch up on the latest DREAMer and deferred action resources by clicking here.

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