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State-by-State Fact Sheets for Immigration Reform Advocates — State Action Alert

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button_icon_state_alertRaising your voice for immigrants and refugees is easier when you have the facts on your side. That’s why I’m excited to share these excellent state-by-state fact sheets from our friends at the Immigration Policy Center. They highlight the demographic and economic impact of new Americans, Asians, and Latinos in each state. Not only that, they’re accompanied by great infographics.

I hope they’re useful to you in writing letters, making calls, and visiting with elected officials from your state. The good work you’ve done so far to Stand for Welcome and push for immigration reform is paying off. With the Senate poised to vote on S.744 and the House of Representatives still ahead, thank you for continuing to speak out for immigrants and refugees  in this final stretch!

The IPC just released 10 new fact sheets:

•    Arkansas
•    Colorado
•    Idaho
•    Louisiana
•    Maryland
•    Massachusetts
•    New Jersey
•    New Mexico
•    Washington
•    Wisconsin

Here are additional state-by-state fact sheets that the IPC previously released:

•    Alabama
•    Alaska
•    Arizona
•    California
•    Connecticut
•    Delaware
•    Florida
•    Georgia
•    Hawaii
•    Illinois
•    Indiana
•    Iowa
•    Kansas
•    Kentucky
•    Maine
•    Minnesota
•    Missouri
•    Nevada
•    New York
•    North Carolina
•    North Dakota
•    Ohio
•    Rhode Island
•    South Carolina
•    Tennessee
•    Texas
•    Utah
•    Vermont
•    Virginia
•    West Virginia

Many thanks to the IPC for making these excellent resources available in the run-up to historic votes on immigration reform!

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