'Flawed Immigration Approach Causing Much Suffering' — ELCA Bishop Stephen S. Talmage Writes at the Arizona Republic | LIRS
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‘Flawed Immigration Approach Causing Much Suffering’ — ELCA Bishop Stephen S. Talmage Writes at the Arizona Republic

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AZ RepublicI have good news from a key state in the Southwest. The Arizona Republic has published Bishop Stephen S. Talmage’s op-ed in favor of immigration reform. 

Bishop Talmage, who serves the Grand Canyon Synod Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), writes that the time is here “to fix a system that has been broken for a long time, and doing so will benefit our state and all Americans.”

In his June 25 op-ed,  “Flawed Immigration Approach Causing Much Suffering,” Bishop Talmage further writes that:

While Arizona is at the center of the immigration storm, I know that Lutherans in other states also feel this intense need for immigration reform. This desire unites us with the majority of Americans who are calling for reform that keeps families together and offers a roadmap to earned citizenship for 11 million aspiring new Americans.

The op-ed leaves readers with a clear commitment to act:

As the legislative process unfolds, the Grand Canyon Synod, as part of the ELCA, will continue to appeal to both our national and local leaders to enact reforms that truly incarnate our call to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Please read the entire piece by clicking the link on the headline above. You can show your support by leaving a positive comment, promoting the piece through Facebook and other social media, and sending the link to your friends, colleagues, and family.

The battle for fair and compassionate immigration reform has now moved to the House of Representatives. In this final stretch, it’s vital that the press lift up the voices of people like Bishop Talmage. We’re grateful to him for writing this piece, and  to the Arizona Republic for publishing his thoughts on the urgent need for reform.

If you feel inspired after reading the bishop’s words, you can raise your own voice for fair immigration reform  through the LIRS Action Center. Thank you!

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