Gather: Afghanistan 2020 | LIRS
The new fall program from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service  equips families, congregations, and community groups with tools to learn about the history of conflict in Afghanistan, explore the culture through worship, food, and music, and learn more about LIRS’ work through the story of the Abdullah family.
We invite you to participate in Gather: Afghanistan 2020 by learning to ADAPT!

Act: Host a virtual Gather: Afghanistan 2020 event
Donate: To help families in need like the Abdullahs
Advocate: To support the welcome and safety of more families
Pray: For our brothers and sisters that seek safety and protection
Teach: Learn more about Afghanistan and share the story of the Abdullah family

Download the Toolkits

Congregational Toolkit

  • For faith communities
  • Resources for Sunday Worship, Sunday School Classes, and Bible Studies
  • Includes special commentaries, prayers, hymns, and other worship resources

Community Toolkit

  • For families, friends, and community groups
  • Includes special recipes, music selections, and discussion questions to guide conversation




You’ve downloaded the Gather toolkit, watched the webinar, had many fruitful discussions, and eaten amazing Afghan food. What’s next?


Make a difference in the lives of refugee and immigrant families like the Abdullah family by making a gift to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service today!


Raise your voice to ensure that more families like the Abdullahs are welcomed into the United States each year. Visit our Advocacy center to learn how you can help.

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