Gather: DRC 2021 | LIRS
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This fall, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is equipping families, congregations, and community groups with tools to learn about the history of conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, explore the culture through worship, food, and music, and learn more about LIRS’ work through the story of the Ashimwe family.
We invite you to participate in Gather: Democratic Republic of the Congo by learning to ADAPT!

Act: Host a virtual Gather: Democratic Republic of Congo event with your friends, family, and community.

Donate: Help individuals and families from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and beyond.

Advocate: Urge your representatives to support a pathway to citizenship for immigrants & refugees.

Pray: Lift your voice for our brothers and sisters who seek safety and protection with guided prayers.

Teach: Learn more about the DRC and share the story of the Ashimwe family.

Download the toolkit!


  • Plan a GATHER event with your friends, family, and community that centers on engaging with DRC culture – we’ll give you the tools to hold everything from a movie night to a cooking tutorial in your own space!
  • Learn about the history of the DRC, and the story of the Ashimwe family. Look through our Congolese cookbook or a tutorial on how to make a Congolese Mask to learn more about the culture of the people of the Congo yourself.
  • Educate yourself and others on how to be a better ally for immigrants refugees in your community and everywhere, as well as how to engage in LIRS’s work of welcome



You’ve downloaded the Gather toolkit, watched the webinar, had many fruitful discussions, and eaten amazing Congolese food. What’s next?



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