Gather: Guatemala 2022 | LIRS
URGENT: Immigrant children and families affected by Hurricane Ian need your support! Donate now.
We invite you to gather with friends, family, and community to learn about and celebrate the people and culture of Guatemala through education, activities, and more!
  • Act: Host Gather: Guatemala 2022 with your friends, family, and community.
  • Donate: Purchase a special coffee mug or tote bag on our new online store or donate directly to support our Welcome Centers, which provide special assistance to asylum seekers.
  • Advocate: Urge your representatives to rebuild and restore a humane and just asylum process.
  • Pray: Lift your voice for our neighbors who seek safety and protection with guided prayers.
  • Teach: Learn about the history and culture of Guatemala and the challenges that push families and individuals to leave their homes in search of safety and opportunity.

Get Excited for Gather: Guatemala!


You’ve downloaded the Gather toolkit, made a Guatemalan barrilete, had many fruitful discussions, and eaten amazing pepián de pollo. What’s next?
Canvas tote bag with LIRS logo which says Coffee with Chicas


All proceeds from your purchases in the Gather store will go to support the essential work of welcome.  Get your mugs and totes while supplies last!


Urge your representatives to rebuild and restore a humane and just asylum process today. 
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Offer a warm welcome to refugee children and families today!