Happy Independence Day! Check Out the LIRS Fourth of July Citizenship Toolkit!

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fireworksI’m celebrating Independence Day, as I hope you are, with loved ones and rest. But if you, like me, have a hard time letting even a day pass without thinking about how to win this struggle for fair immigration reform, I’m writing with some things you can do during this holiday weekend and the coming months.

You probably already know our website features a page with an enormous range of tools and analysis on comprehensive immigration reform. What may have escaped your notice is the LIRS Fourth of July Citizenship Toolkit. We emailed it to leaders around the country last week, and it’s been posted on our site for a couple of days. If you haven’t already checked it out, please do!

While some of the ideas require a lot of advance preparation, others are fairly quick and simple and are appropriate for the entire July and August congressional recesses.

Thank you for having a look, and for all that you are doing to ensure that this country has a fair and compassionate immigration system soon!

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