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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer appealed to the Supreme Court to revive the state’s disputed immigration policing law, seeking a ruling that could free states to take aggressive enforcement action against illegal immigrants. Last year, Arizona took center stage in the immigration debate when its lawmakers directed police to check the immigration status of people they lawfully stopped and suspected of being in the country illegally. The Obama administration went to court in Phoenix along with immigrant rights advocates, arguing that the federal government has exclusive control over immigration enforcement. [LATimes]

Federal immigration officials announced Friday that they were terminating the joint agreements with state and local governments that have been at the center of a controversy surrounding a national fingerprint-sharing program, although they said they would continue setting up the program unilaterally. The change was intended to eliminate widespread confusion, which has plagued the program since its kickoff in 2008, over whether the agreements were necessary to initiate it. The move also seemed intended to remove political pressure from local officials who felt uneasy about appearing to collaborate with federal authorities on immigration enforcement. [NYTimes]

Lawyers have filed federal suit in Maryland arguing federal immigration officers violated the rights of two families during a 2008 raid in Annapolis, according to advocacy group Casa de Maryland. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Anne Arundel County police officers conducted the predawn raid June 30, 2008, on the offices of the Annapolis Painting Company and at least 10 homes said to be owned by the company. Roughly 45 suspected illegal immigrants were detained. [Washington Times]

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