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 button_icon_immigration_headlinesVisit our blog every Thursday for HEADLINES: Immigration.   I will bring you all the most important and up-to-date news on the immigration debate.  From CIR to detention to the DREAM Act, HEADLINES: Immigration gives easy access to all the news you want in one place.

Immigration Reform Framework Includes Citizenship, Drones, DREAMers.  A bipartisan working group in the Senate will publicly unveil its immigration reform framework on Monday. The text, though, is already out, in a five-page document that lays out basic principles for reform. [Huffington Post]

Senators Offer a Bipartisan Blueprint for Immigration. A bipartisan group of senators has agreed on a set of principles for a sweeping overhaul of the immigration system, including a pathway to American citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants that would hinge on progress in securing the borders and ensuring that foreigners leave the country when their visas expire. [New York Times]

Five Things I Hope President Obama Says About Immigration Reform Tomorrow. The president is going to Las Vegas Tuesday to bet on the American people. He’s betting that Americans are ready to fix the broken immigration system that inhibits business, hurts families, and relegates millions of mothers, fathers, and promising youth to a life in the shadows. [Huffington Post]

Four Important Ways Immigration Reform Could Benefit America’s Economy.  A bipartisan group of senators introduced a comprehensive immigration reform plan today that would reshape the nation’s outdated economic laws by putting 11 million undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship while boosting border security. [Think Progress]

John Boehner Mum on Immigration Plan.  Speaker John Boehner isn’t taking a position on the bipartisan Senate immigration proposal. The Ohio Republican’s spokesman, Michael Steel, said Boehner “welcomes the work of leaders like [Florida] Sen. [Marco] Rubio on this issue and is looking forward to learning more about the proposal in the coming days.” [Politico]

Immigration Reform: The Next Chapter in the American Story.  Immigration advocates I spoke to just now are very pleased with the speech Obama just delivered, in which he offered his principles for reform. They believe he laid out a template for the rest of this battle — one that will make passage of reform more likely. [Washington Post]

Skilled Science Workers at Focus of Second Senate Proposal on Immigration. As one bipartisan group of senators released its blueprint on Monday for a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration laws, another group in the Senate was ready to present a proposal addressing one dysfunctional aspect of the system: a shortage of visas for highly skilled immigrants working in science and technology fields.  [New York Times]

California Residents Reflect National Divide on Immigration.  Some conservatives give qualified support for President Obama’s proposal, others are more skeptical. Their backing and that of others like them will be key to passing any immigration bill.  [LA Times]

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