HEADLINES: Immigration – May 16th, 2013

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button_icon_immigration_headlinesVisit our blog every Thursday for HEADLINES: Immigration.   I will bring you all the most important and up-to-date news on the immigration debate.  From reform to detention to the DREAM Act, HEADLINES: Immigration gives easy access to all the news you want in one place.

High-Tech Pushes for More In Immigration Bill.  High-tech companies looking to bring more skilled workers to the U.S. pushed Monday for more concessions in an immigration bill pending in the Senate.  [Associated Press]

Immigration: The Path to Now.  As a sweeping immigration overhaul is debated in Congress, The Washington Post takes a look back at 30 years of U.S. immigration policy.  [Washington Post]

Senate Immigration Bill Includes Amendment Prompted by Boston Bombing.  The Senate panel plowing through a huge immigration reform bill on Capitol Hill agreed on Tuesday to tighten the monitoring requirements of foreign students in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.  [Washington Post]

Two Controversial GOP Immigration Amendments Rejected by Senate Panel.  Several Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee joined with Democrats Tuesday to reject two controversial GOP amendments that would have upended a bipartisan proposal to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws by requiring stricter border enforcement and visa standards.

Immigration Bill Would Restrict Drone Use in California.  Concerned that border surveillance drones might fly over much of Southern California, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) successfully amended the proposed Senate immigration overhaul bill Tuesday to limit such flights to within three miles of the Mexican border.  [LA Times]

Excluding Criminals from Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Over two million people have been deported from the United States in the past five years. President Obama’s administration has championed the cause of deporting “criminal aliens”, many of whom are the spouses or parents of American citizens.  [Al Jazeera]

Democrats Seek to Ease Asian American Concerna over Family Visa Changes.  Democrats on the front lines of immigration reform are reaching out to Asian Americans this month in an effort to ease concerns over family visas. [The Hill]

House Immigration Group at Impasse.  The House’s bipartisan immigration group is at a crippling impasse, and top aides and lawmakers are unsure if they’ll ever come to the agreement they’ve sought for four years, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the discussions.  [Politico]

The Struggle to Define the Immigration Debate. Rep. Steve King is confident that House GOP leaders will take the side of the naysayers when it comes to any overhaul of immigration laws.  [Roll Call]

GOP Senator Asks Why Border Security Can’t Be More Like Disney World.  At the second Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the bipartisan immigration bill, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) compared U.S. border security to Disney World.  [Think Progress]

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