HEADLINES: Immigration – June 27th, 2013

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button_icon_immigration_headlinesVisit our blog every Thursday for HEADLINES: Immigration.   I will bring you all the most important and up-to-date news on the immigration debate.  From reform to detention to the DREAM Act, HEADLINES: Immigration gives easy access to all the news you want in one place.

A Crucial Week for Immigration Reform Bill in Senate.  The Senate’s immigration-reform bill this week moves into its most critical stretch, with a major border-security amendment under consideration and a final vote on the landmark legislation expected before senators leave Washington for their Fourth of July break.  [Arizona Republic]

Immigration Bill Will Pass in Senate if Changes Avoided.  It’s crunch time in the U.S. Senate, as backers of the most significant revision of immigration law in a generation seek to pass the bill this week by avoiding changes that could cost them votes.  [Bloomberg]

New Border Security Deal is ‘a Bitter Pill to Swallow.’  Though advocates say the new border security deal announced Thursday would help garner Republican votes needed to pass the Senate immigration reform bill, they say it’s “a bitter pill to swallow and a high price to pay” to protect the path to citizenship.  [Voxxi]

 Countdown to Immigration Vote Begins. The Senate is rushing to the finish line on the Gang of Eight bill, setting up a key vote Monday that could clear the way to final passage of the immigration overhaul by the end of next week. [Politico]

All Eyes on Boehner as Immigration Reform Gains Momentum.  An immigration reform bill in the Senate now has crucial Republican support after senators struck a deal centered on border security last week.  [ABC/Univision]

Jan Brewer: Immigration Bill ‘A Victory For Arizona.’  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) said Sunday she supports the comprehensive immigration reform bill being considered by Congress, a significant move from a governor who passed one of the harshest anti-unauthorized immigration bills in the nation.  [Huffington Post]

Immigration Reform: senate Back ‘Border Surge’ in Test Vote.  Corker and Hoeven took to the floor to beat back criticisms from fellow Republicans that their amendment was too long (only 119 new pages, they said), too complicated (a middle-school student in Tennessee could read it in “30 to 45 minutes,” Corker argued) and still too weak on border security.  [Politico]

Bush Institute Backs Immigration Reform as Bullish on US Economy.  Bush Institute says there is no viable economic reason to keep the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the shadows and promotes the need for immigration reform.  [ABC]

The Senate is Going to Pass Immigration Reform.  And the House Doesn’t Care.  Two things have become clear over the past 24 hours: 1. The Senate is going to pass some sort of comprehensive immigration reform bill, and 2. The House doesn’t much care. Welcome to Washington, circa 2013!  [Washington Post]

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