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According to a recent press release, the UNHCR will be scaling up its presence in the famine stricken country of Somalia. The increased presence is a response to improved security. The UNHCR estimates that there are more than 917,000 Somalis living as refugees in the four neighboring countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yemen, and about 1.4 million Somalis displaced within the country. 1 in 3 Somalis have been forced to flee their homes to seek assistance either inside Somalia or in neighboring nations. [UNHCR]

The United States is “deeply concerned” at the plight of black African migrants and refugees in Libya, citing reports of racism, wrongful arrest and violence, a State Department official said Monday. A spokesperson for the State Department said the U.S. was continuing to work with other nations to ensure safe passage out of Libya for foreign nationals, including sub-Saharan African migrants, who wish to leave for their own safety. [AFP]

An ambitious project to survey the world’s largest refugee population has been launched by UNHCR and the government of Pakistan. The survey aims to capture extensive information on the challenges faced by the 2 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan, as well as their contribution to the country’s economy. By responding to questions on their livelihood, health, social conditions, legal and other issues, Afghan refugees will have the opportunity to influence government policy and programs designed to manage a refugee situation that goes back more than 30 years. [UNHCR]


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