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button_icon_refugee_headlinesEvery Wednesday I will bring you refugee-related headlines from around the world. Whether it be covering conflicts fueling refugee crises, conditions in refugee camps, or stories of successful resettlement in America, I will strive to provide you access to all the most important and breaking refugee-related news in one place.

Insecurity Rises in Dadaab as Kenya Reveals Plans to ‘Round Up’ Urban Somali Refugees. People living in the Dadaab refugee complex are nervous over Kenya’s plans to relocate Somalis there from urban areas.  [The Guardian]

Rights Groups: Xenophobic Attacks Increasing on Somalis Living in Kenya. Human rights activists say Somalis in Kenya are facing increased attacks from gangs and harassment from the police since the government issued an order that all Somali refugees should return to a camp.  [Washington Post]

Syrians Struggle in an Uneasy Lebanon. For Mohammed al-Ahmad and his wife Zuhour, this is the second cold, wet winter of the war. They passed the first in the Bab Amr district of Homs, a onetime rebel stronghold that was taken back by government forces last February, after a long and unrelenting siege. Much of the neighborhood was destroyed. They have no home to go back to. [New York Times]

Israel Girds for Attacks as Syria Falls Apart. At least one Iron Dome missile defense battery was deployed Sunday in northern Israel amid reports of intense security consultations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding Syria and the possibility of chemical weapons falling into the hands of Islamist rebels or being transferred to the militant group Hezbollah.  [New York Times]

Refugees in Mali Attempt to Keep Tradition Alive. Refugees in Mali have escaped the violence and terrorism that has overrun their country, and some of them are striving to keep their traditions alive despite living in exile.  [Washington Post]

Syrian Refugees Describe Horrors Left Behind. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled the country in the past six months, but millions remain in war-worn communities where food, clean water and heating fuel have become scarce. [Washington Post]

Jordan Reels Over Syrian Refugee Crisis. Jordan has launched an urgent aid appeal to cope with a refugee crisis after an estimated 20,000 Syrians crossed over into the country over the past week. [AlJazeera]

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