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button_icon_refugee_headlinesEvery Wednesday I will bring you refugee-related headlines from around the world. Whether it be covering conflicts fueling refugee crises, conditions in refugee camps, or stories of successful resettlement in America, I will strive to provide you access to all the most important and breaking refugee-related news in one place.

Georgia to Feds: Send Fewer Foreign Refugees Here.  For decades Georgia has welcomed thousands of refugees fleeing violent persecution in war-torn countries. They have come from Myanmar, Bhutan, Iraq, Somalia and many other countries. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Barbarians at the Gate.  There’s a refugee camp in the center of the German capital filled with people who have fled conflicts around the world. They sleep in tents and eat donated food. Almost all of them are breaking German law just by being here. [New York Times]

Syrian Refugee Diseases, Infections on the Rise.  A disfiguring and tough to treat boil and several other sanitary health problems are on the rise among Syrian refugees in Lebanon, as hundreds of thousands seek shelter in increasingly difficult conditions and only half have access to medical care. [The Daily Star]

As War in Syria Continues, Refugees in Turkey Open a High School.  At a new school for teenage Syrian refugees, in a still-under-construction apartment building near a Turkish hospital, psychology has been added to the standard Syrian curriculum. [Washington Post]

U.N Estimate Disputed on Syrian Refugees.  The first detailed survey of the humanitarian crisis in northern Syria suggests that the United Nations has grossly underestimated the number of civilians in dire need of assistance, a situation that experts say plays down the scope of the catastrophe.  [Mcclatchy]

Kurdish Refugees Have Mixed Feelings about Syria.  Syrian Kurds who fled their country’s civil war have mixed feelings about a future without Bashar Assad: They hope to win a measure of autonomy after the fall of the regime, but fear chaos and the rise of Islamists could instead make their lives worse.  [Associated Press]

Aid to Syria Fails to Keep Pace with Desperate Need as Death Toll Rises. Relief efforts are failing to keep pace with the scale of the emergency in Syria, where the death toll has risen to nearly 70,000, the UN’s head of humanitarian operations said on Wednesday. [Guardian]

U.N Panel Finds Conflict increasingly Sectarian. The situation in war-ravaged Syria “is deteriorating rapidly” and both sides have committed crimes against humanity  in an “increasingly sectarian” conflict that threatens peace throughout the Middle East, a United Nations-commissioned inquiry said Monday. [LA Times]

California Scholar Compiles Mien-English Dictionary, a Key Step for Laotian Refugee Community. A California missionary and linguist has compiled a comprehensive dictionary for the Mien language, a fast-fading idiom spoken by thousands of refugees from Laos who have resettled in cities throughout the U.S. [Associated Press]

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