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button_icon_refugee_headlinesEvery Wednesday I will bring you refugee-related headlines from around the world. Whether it be covering conflicts fueling refugee crises, conditions in refugee camps, or stories of successful resettlement in America, I will strive to provide you access to all the most important and breaking refugee-related news in one place.

Armenia Struggles to Absorb Christian Refugees from Syria.  Sarkiss Rshdouni escaped the fighting in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo months ago but cannot shake memories of what he witnessed.  [Washington Post]

Syria’s Internally Displaced Grow Desperate.  As darkness descends on the dreary refugee camp bordering Turkey, hungry residents queue for the daily distribution of meagre rations. Displaced Syrians wait in the long line with tin and plastic containers, hoping those dishing out food will provide enough to feed their families.  [Al Jazeera]

Syrian Refugees Riot in Jordan Camp; 3 Hurt.  A Jordanian official says a nighttime riot at a Syrian refugee camp close to the Jordan-Syria border has left two Syrian refugees and a Jordanian policeman hurt.  [Associated Press]

Syrian Flood into Lebanon Stirs Fear of Looming Disaster.  Quietly but inexorably, a human tide has crept into Lebanon, Syria’s smallest and most vulnerable neighbor.  [New York Times]

97 Burmese Asylum Seekers Die after 25 Days at Sea.  Burmese asylum seekers rescued by Sri Lanka’s navy last week said they floated at sea for 25 days and 97 people died of starvation after Thailand’s navy intercepted them and forcibly removed their boat’s engine.  [Associated Press]

Lasting Scars of Syria’s Assault on Baba Amr.  One year ago this month, the Syrian army launched one of the most intense assaults of the conflict, with the bombardment of the Baba Amr district of Homs.   [BBC]

Flow of Syrians into Jordan Surges.  Ten thousand Syrian refugees have arrived in Jordan in the last 72 hours, army sources at the border have told local Jordanian media.  [Al Jazeera]

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