HEADLINES: Refugees – April 17th, 2013

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button_icon_refugee_headlinesEvery Wednesday I will bring you refugee-related headlines from around the world. Whether it be covering conflicts fueling refugee crises, conditions in refugee camps, or stories of successful resettlement in America, I will strive to provide you access to all the most important and breaking refugee-related news in one place.

Mali Refugees Endure ‘Appalling’ Mauritania Camp.  Thousands of refugees fleeing conflict in Mali are enduring “appalling” conditions in a UN-run camp in Mauritania, a medical charity warns.  [BBC]

Iraqi Refugees in Syria Feel New Strains of War.  As the conflict in Syria has raged over the past two years, the sectarian bloodletting, the car bombs and the rise of religious extremists have been all too familiar to one group of people in the country: Iraqi refugees.  [Washington Post]

Exploit or Be Exploited: Survival Sex Among Syria’s Refugee Women.  Each day, hundreds of Syrian women straggle into Jordan, Egypt and other countries in the region in search of security and a better life for themselves and their children.  [Voice of America]

U.N Reports 1.3 Million Syrian Refugees.  The U.N. refugee agency reports more than 1.3 million Syrian refugees have now fled to neighboring countries.  [Voice of America]

Is Turkey’s Approach to Syrian Refugees Sustainable?  On a small piece of land beside the rushing Euphrates River, 908 white, prefabricated container homes sit surrounded by double-barbed wire fences and guard towers. [IRIN News]

Syria Refugees: Your stories. Over 1 million refugees have fled the civil war in Syria, according to the UN. Hundreds of thousands of people have left the country but have not yet been officially registered, and many more are internally displaced within Syria.  [Guardian]

Turkey to Set up Refugee Camp for Christians near Syrian Border.  Christians escaping the two-year civil war in Syria will soon have their own humanitarian aid camp, the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey has said.  [Catholic Herald]

Syrian Refugees Flee heavy Fighting in the South.  The UN Refugee Agency says heavy fighting in southern Syria has sent thousands of new refugees across the border into Jordan.  [Australian Broadcasting Company]

UN Official Condemns Early Marriage Among Syrian Girls in Camps.  A United Nations official condemned early marriages among Syrian girls following a visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.  [Bloomberg]










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