HEADLINES: Refugees – April 24, 2013

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button_icon_refugee_headlinesEvery Wednesday I will bring you refugee-related headlines from around the world. Whether it be covering conflicts fueling refugee crises, conditions in refugee camps, or stories of successful resettlement in America, I will strive to provide you access to all the most important and breaking refugee-related news in one place.

A City That’s Not a City – Inside a Syrian Refugee Camp. A city that’s not a city, Jordan’s Zaatari camp sits just across the border and houses more than 100,000 Syrians.  [Guardian]

2 Decades After genocide, Hutu Refugees in Uganda Fear a Forced Return to Rwanda.  Now nearly two decades later, Kagaba and many of the other 9,000 Rwandans in this camp of 68,000 African refugees say they are troubled by the looming prospect of forced repatriation back to Rwanda. [Washington Post]

Tensions High After Riot at Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan.  Jordanian demonstrators restricted access to the region’s largest camp of Syrian refugees for several hours on Saturday, delaying water delivery, after a riot in the camp injured 10 Jordanian security officers, one of them critically, officials said.  [New York Times]

Turkey’s Camps Can’t Expand Fast enough for All the New Syrian Refugees.  The Syrian conflict escalated far faster than any of the world’s decision-makers anticipated.  [The Atlantic]

Flight of Syrian Refugees.  Concentrations of Syrian refugees are found in Iraq and Jordan, where most refugees are living in cities and towns.  [Washington Post]

How Refugees Come Into the United States.  The United States has a fairly generous policy in admitting foreigners to the country as refugees, harkening back to the 1950s when several laws were passed to provide for people who escaped communist regimes.  [National Journal]

United Nations Says Syria Conflict a Humanitarian Catastrophe.  Syrian families have been burned in their homes, people bombed waiting for bread, children tortured, raped and murdered and cities reduced to rubble in Syria’s two-year-old war that has sparked a humanitarian catastrophe, the United Nations said on Thursday.  [Reuters]

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