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button_icon_trafficking_headlinesVisit our blog on Fridays for our HEADLINES: Trafficking feature, a part of LIRS’s End Human Trafficking Now campaign.  Human Trafficking is a much overlooked crime, but every Friday I will strive to bring you the most up-to-date news and information on the fight to eradicate trafficking.  Visit www.lirs.org/ehtn for more information on our End Human Trafficking Now campaign and how to get involved.

Tackling Human Trafficking in Mississippi. Trafficking of human beings–for sex or for labor–affects everyday people we all might encounter. It may be the woman who did your nails last week, who was lured with promises of a better life in America, or it could be your neighbor’s daughter who was blackmailed with photos she doesn’t want her parents to see. [Jackson Free-Press]

Super Bowl is Single Largest Human Trafficking Incident in U.S.: Attorney General  When it came time for the Super Bowl, Clemmie Greenlee was expected to sleep with anywhere from 25 to 50 men a day. It’s a staggering figure, but it doesn’t shock advocates who say that the sporting event attracts more traffickers than any other in the U.S. [Huffington Post]

Former Sex Trafficking Victim Shines Light on Dark Underworld of Super Bowl.  Amid the parties and fun of Super Bowl 2013, authorities say, there is a dark underworld of girls and women being forced into the sex trade. [The Times-Picayune]

Today: Human Trafficking Law before Arkansas Committee. The Arkansas Human Trafficking Act of 2013 will be up for discussion by lawmakers during a Tuesday Judiciary Committee Hearing for the House of Representatives. [Ozarks First]

Human Trafficking More Common in South Carolina Than You Think. There’s a lot of traffic and precious cargo that makes its way along Interstate 20 and one group says there’s also criminal activity along the highway. [WISTV]

Oklahoma House Panel Supports Human Trafficking Bill.  An Oklahoma state representative asked colleagues Wednesday to join seven other states that allow human trafficking victims to clear certain criminal records. [Associated Press]

Idaho Senate Committee Introduces Sex Trafficking Bill. A bill that tightens Idaho’s laws in cases when a person is involved in prostitution with a minor cleared an initial hurdle in the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee Wednesday. [Associated Press]

Broward Human Trafficking Coalition Grows As Awareness Does, Too.  Adriane Reesey remembers that small, first meeting in a church back in 2008.  There were about seven people, all of them gathered to discuss an age-old issue – slavery – that was beginning to be viewed in a new context. [Sun Sentinel]

On Human Trafficking ‘National Freedom Day,’ Survivor Shares Story of Captivity, Advocacy.  Margaret Howard became a victim of domestic human trafficking at 13 years old, when she ran away from home and was later picked up on a southern Illinois interstate amid passing motorists — then drugged and held against her will. [Huffington Post]

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