HEADLINES: Trafficking – June 28th, 2013

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button_icon_trafficking_headlinesVisit our blog on Fridays for our HEADLINES: Trafficking feature, a part of LIRS’s End Human Trafficking campaign.  Human Trafficking is a much overlooked crime, but every Friday I will strive to bring you the most up-to-date news and information on the fight to eradicate trafficking.  Visit https://www.lirs.org/eht for more information on our End Human Trafficking campaign and how to get involved.

Russia, China Continue to Allow Human Trafficking.  EVERY YEAR, pursuant to a law passed in 2000, the State Department ranks governments’ efforts to combat human trafficking. Last week RussiaChina and Uzbekistan were downgraded from the Tier 2 Watch List to Tier 3, the lowest ranking possible.  [Washington Post]

U.S. Accuses 3 Countries of Abetting Human Trafficking.  The State Department on Wednesday accused RussiaChina and Uzbekistan of continuing to abet human trafficking and forced labor, raising the possibility that they could face sanctions at a time when President Obama has tried to maintain relations with each on strategic issues.  [New York Times]

Human Trafficking: Interview with Survivor Advocate Evelyn Chumbow.  Evelyn Chumbow is a powerhouse as she advocates on behalf of victims of labor trafficking and servitude across the world.  [Washington Times]

Paso Del Norte Movement Raises Awareness About Human Trafficking.   A new initiative from the Paso Del Norte organization is hoping to fight human trafficking on three fronts — awareness, education and service.  [El Paso Times]

Businesswomen Join Forces to Empower Human Trafficking Victims.  Call it street smarts: A former prostitute teams up with another Charlotte business woman to keep other young girls from sharing the same fate. [WCNC]

‘Official Complicity’ Aids Human Traffickers.  This year’s U.S. State Department report on trafficking around the world, released on Wednesday, offered a more detailed critique than last year’s of “official complicity” in the trade in human beings in India.  [Wall Street Journal]

Keep Pressure on to Fight Human Trafficking.  THE U.S. State Department’s annual barometer of anti-trafficking efforts around the world is in. [Seattle Times]

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