HEADLINES: Trafficking – March 1st, 2013

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button_icon_trafficking_headlinesVisit our blog on Fridays for our HEADLINES: Trafficking feature. Human Trafficking is a much overlooked crime, but every Friday I will strive to bring you the most up-to-date news and information on the fight to eradicate trafficking.  

Gov. Mead Signs Human Trafficking Bill Into Law.  Wyoming now has its own laws barring human trafficking.  Gov. Matt Mead signed House Bill 133 into law on Wednesday.  [Associated Press]

Sex Trafficking in Georgia Must Stop.  Alexandria grew up in northwest Atlanta’s Bankhead community.  Her mother began selling Alexandria to men for sex when she was only seven years old. As a result of her forced prostitution, Alexandria contracted HIV and died at the age of 19.  [Savannah Morning News]

Seattle-Based Survivor of Human Trafficking Speaks Out.  I’m extremely appreciative of reporter Christine Clarridge shedding light on the reality of human trafficking. Such articles are integral to an informed and morally just society.  [Seattle Times]

Who Opposes an Anti-Trafficking Law?: Culture War Posturing in the House Over Women’s Health Services Pits Catholic Bishops Against the White House.  For the first time ever, the nation’s signature law to combat sex and labor trafficking has fallen victim to the politics of abortion and contraception for trafficking survivors — and an ongoing conflict between Catholic bishops and the Obama administration.  [Salon]

Bill To Give Sex Trafficking Victims a Break on Prostitution Convictions Passes House. A proposed law that would give sex-trafficking victims a way to clear prostitution convictions from their records was voted out of the state House of Representatives Monday. [The Bellingham Herald]

Is Your City Government Punishing Human Trafficking Victims. Recent local legislative actions in major U.S. cities show alarming ignorance of state and federal law regarding human trafficking, and put those cities in danger of violating the constitutional rights and legal protections of vulnerable persons. Local actions are extremely important and directly impact the national and global treatment of women and children.  [Huffington Post]

Human Trafficking Bill Moves to Senate Floor.  The state Senate will likely vote next week on a bill requiring human traffickers whose victims are minors to register as sex offenders, whether or not the trafficking was for sexual purposes.  [WRAL]

Oklahoma House Delays Vote on Human Trafficking Bill. The Oklahoma House has postponed a vote on a bill by Republican Rep. Lee Denney that is intended to shield minors from prostitution charges in certain cases.  [Associated Press]

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