HEADLINES: Trafficking – May 17th, 2013

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button_icon_trafficking_headlinesVisit our blog on Fridays for our HEADLINES: Trafficking feature, a part of LIRS’s End Human Trafficking campaign.  Human Trafficking is a much overlooked crime, but every Friday I will strive to bring you the most up-to-date news and information on the fight to eradicate trafficking.  Visit https://www.lirs.org/eht for more information on our End Human Trafficking campaign and how to get involved.

How Google is Fighting Sex Trafficking with Big Data.  The latest estimates about human trafficking, which include individuals held against their will in the sex trade and forced laborers in agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing settings, are that at least 21 million people on the planet are currently in slavery.  [Fastco Labs]

Rubio Questions State Department’s Enforcement of Human Trafficking Laws.  Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is raising questions about whether the State Department is failing to enforce human trafficking provisions when it comes to foreign dignitaries on U.S. soil, in the wake of recent allegations of human slavery against a Saudi diplomat in Washington.  [Roll Call]

Dominican Republic Cracks Down on Sex Trafficking.  People who force others into prostitution and clients of prostitutes will face arrest in the Dominican Republic as part of a crackdown on sex trafficking in the Caribbean country, the attorney general said Wednesday.  [Huffington Post]

The Face of Human Trafficking.  Shandra Woworuntu once paid $3,000 to a broker expecting to get a job in a Chicago hotel and her ticket to the American dream. Instead, the then 25-year-old from Indonesia got sold into prostitution, literal sexual slavery.  [Al Jazeera]

Restore Hope to Victims of Human Trafficking.  Imagine you have just been rescued from a life of sexual and physical abuse. Your feeling of desperation slowly disappears as you begin to feel safe and trust those caring for you.  [Huffington Post]

Sex Trafficking Growing in U.S., Maryland.  Sex trafficking is becoming a problem of growing concern in the U.S.  [WBALTV]

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