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Human Trafficking Mythbuster Available Now!

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HTMyth01_400pxI’m very excited to announce the release of the Human Trafficking Mythbuster!

Many thanks to the Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synod, with whom LIRS is partnering for the End Human Trafficking Now! campaign. Their support has been crucial in making this resource a reality!

The Human Trafficking Mythbuster is a unique resource in infographic form that empowers congregations and community leaders to debunk the most common misinformation about human trafficking.

The Human Trafficking Mythbuster meets an urgent need for hard facts about this burning humanitarian issue, because the simple truth about trafficking is so much more powerful than all the misleading rhetoric that gets picked up and repeated. If you have friends, relatives, or colleagues who think human trafficking “isn’t an issue” in America or their hometown, or believe other myths, this is the go-to resource to share with them.

I invite you to look at the press release that went out today, and to visit our Facebook, Pinterest,and Twitter pages for more ways to view and help get the word out about the Mythbuster.  Please share it widely with friends, family, and colleagues.

We’ll only be able to End Human Trafficking Now! when everyone knows about this crime, and everyone acts together to stop it!


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