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Humanitarian Crisis in East Africa Grows More Dire: U.S. Leadership Needed

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The humanitarian crisis in East Africa is growing more dire by the day. The eastern African region, known as the Horn of Africa, is experiencing the worst drought the region has experienced since the 1950s causing widespread famine and suffering across the region. Earlier this month, the United Nation’s Food Security and Nutrition Analysis warned that as many as 750,000 Somalis face imminent starvation in coming months unless they receive immediate assistance. According to testimony at a recent Congressional hearing, nearly 60% of the children in Southern Sudan are suffering from acute malnutrition. At present, more than 12 million people are at risk.

Thousands have fled their homes in search of relief, and many make their way to Dadaab; the largest refugee camp in the world. Those fleeing their homes in search of relief from famine join the scores of refugees who have fled persecution in this already grossly overcrowded camp. Each day 1,500 more people arrive in search of relief.

Although this crisis is reaching a tipping point, Congress is currently proposing deep cuts funds for disaster response, refugee, and food aid, even though these programs account for just .1% of the federal budget. The United Nation’s estimates that an additional $1.2 billion is needed to address the needs of the famine stricken region.

To ensure that Congress properly funds U.S. refugee and humanitarian assistance, visit the LIRS Action Center. The United States of America must step up to help those in dire need.

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