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Immigration Detention: An Advocate’s Experience Working to Change the U.S. System

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Handcuffed 300Immigration detention is an important focus here at LIRS. Today, I’d like to invite you to a special event  on how advocates are making a difference for some of the over 34,000 immigrants that the U.S. government incarcerates on any given day.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 9 at 12:00pm at the LIRS Advocacy Office, 122 C St NW #125, in Washington, D.C., for an LIRS-sponsored brown bag discussion on “From the Outside In: An Advocate’s Experience Working to Change the U.S. Immigration Detention System.”

Immigration detention advocate Piper Madison, a Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer, will share her experience in grassroots advocacy to end immigration detention in Texas, including efforts to close the Polk County Detention Center. She will also share her organization’s experience with Hutto Detention Center and their volunteer visitation program.

All are welcome to this one-hour presentation on the U.S. immigration detention system! For more information, please email or call 410-230-2775.

Immigration detention work takes many forms, and there are many ways for you to learn and get involved. Please check out the latest issue of Forced Migration Review, which includes an article authored by LIRS staff, “New Models for Alternatives to Detention in the US.” You can also learn more about grants LIRS is making to support immigration detention visitation ministries, and voice your support for humane enforcement of immigration laws. Also, for some good facts and perspectives, you can check out the LIRS report on immigration detention, Unlocking Liberty.

“From the Outside In: An Advocate’s Experience Working to Change the U.S. Immigration Detention System” is going to be a chance to gain the insights of an experienced advocate. I really hope you’ll be there. And thanks, as always, for all that you do to stand for welcoming immigrants and refugees. 

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