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Immigration Myths Busted: LIRS Unveils New Tool to Spread the Truth

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In the shadow of political debate that becomes more polarized every day, and in the light of the recent Supreme Court hearings on Arizona’s extreme anti-immigrant law,  SB 1070, it’s increasingly important to dispel the myths about immigration.

Immigration Myths Busted

With that in mind, we’re excited to share the new LIRS Immigration Mythbuster. In it, we’ve compiled common myths and carefully pointed out the truth corresponding to each. It’s an infographic, available at the link below, that you can post in your church or workplace, forward to friends, and refer to when writing letters to the editor.

This resource makes it clear that immigrants aren’t just beneficial to the United States, they’re also our brothers and sisters. They are sojourners seeking the same things as the rest of us: security and happiness for family, friends, and loved ones.

Share the truth, tell others about the realities of immigration, and together we can dispel the myths about these brothers and sisters who are new to our country.

Check out the LIRS Immigration Mythbuster here:

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