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Immigration Myths Busted by Economist Ben Powell

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Mythbuster 2 largeWe’ve heard all sorts of myths about immigration: “Immigration does not promote economic growth!” “Immigrants steal our jobs!” “Immigrants depress our wages!”

In 2011, economist Ben Powell “exploded” some of these myths with graphs, data, and well-researched facts. He explained that an increase in workers creates new jobs and grows our economy. The key to immigrant labor is that it doesn’t substitute American labor, but complements it, freeing all workers to do what they’re best at.

Despite the published research proving that immigration reform is beneficial for America, three years later, we’re still trying to debunk all the immigration myths. Our immigration reform mythbusters expose the truth behind an array of myths, including some that claim that, “immigration reform allows undocumented immigrants to cut in line of people waiting to migrate legally,” and “immigration reform would cause an immediate increase in use of public benefits.” Click here to check out and download our mythbusters and take a look at Powell’s two minute debunk of immigration myths below.

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  1. I keep trying to download the Immigration Reform Mythbuster, but am repeatedly directed to the donation page. I was ready to donate anyway, so I did, but that still did not allow me to download this information. What’s up?


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